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Why carpet will never go out of style

Carpet is enjoying a renewed interest. With the expanded color lines and collections, this flooring just keeps getting better and better. Hailo Flooring enjoys a 5-star Yelp rating and, as the tagline on our website reads: “Done once, done right.”

"I’m owner Kevin Enriquez. With 20 years’ experience in the flooring industry, I soon gained a reputation as a highly experienced flooring installer. That led to the inception of Haile Flooring in 2010. Our showroom is in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. We service the Inland Empire, which is the Southern California region adjacent to Los Angeles, as well as San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Be sure to ask us about our estimate!"

Technology and transformation

  • Expanded color palettes. Even the shag, which was once known only for brown, gold and green hues, is now available in solid and multi-colors.
  • Digital patterning. The design now goes all the way through the fiber, rather than sitting at the top, resulting in a lack of fading.
  • More functionality. Many once thought they couldn’t have carpet because they also had pets. There is now soft surface flooring that will extra durability and stain resistance built right into the fiber.
  • Better sustainability increased eco-friendliness. This includes rugs with fibers spun from recycled bottles and even corn.
Luxury carpet in San Bernardino County from Hailo Flooring

Pretty little workhorses

We bet you didn’t know how hardworking carpet can be. The floors insulate against noise, so you don’t hear footsteps. Beeping devices or muffled conversations. This makes it a great choice for the nursery, home office or just anywhere in the house where those sounds can drive you crazy. It also bears mentioning that a rug can be layered on a hard surface. It’s not just a design tool, although that can be a sensational look. Rather, hard surfaces can be a little noisy since there’s nothing to absorb the vibrations, so they’ll bounce all over the walls.

The flooring also provides safety from hard falls. There’s traction; if you run, you can stop. It’s also a lot easier to fall on soft floors than ones. Finally, reports are also showing that carpet can aid indoor air quality. When you vacuum these floors, pollutants, and particles get trapped in the fibers, not fly around in the air, where they will remain until cleaned out. This is a benefit especially to those with allergies and asthma.