What is the best room for tile flooring?

What is the best room for tile flooring?

It's wise to opt for non-traditional placement of tile flooring, such as in a family room. Tile is an excellent heat conductor, so it pairs well with radiant heat. Then it's warm underfoot during cold months but cool to the touch throughout the warm season. The best room for tile flooring may be the most traditional - the bathroom. Hailo Flooring, a tile store in Rancho Cucamonga, California, offers many tile flooring. In-store and mobile showroom shopping is available.

Bathroom installation

With a bit of creativity, you can turn your bathroom into a unique spa-like space that features wall and floor tile. One option, traditional white subway tile, is made of ceramic and measures 3-inches by 6-inches. Other tile choices range from large format to 2-inch mosaic on mesh sheets for quicker installation. Since glass tile reflects light, it is a good choice for a vanity backsplash. Tile is available in hexagon shapes, herringbone patterns, and much more.

Ceramic vs. porcelain

Harder, denser, and less porous porcelain is made of kaolin clay, while ceramic is coarse clay. Porcelain is hardened in the kiln at a higher temperature than ceramic, which is waterproof only when glazed. Porcelain tile is naturally waterproof. More costly porcelain is appropriate for high traffic areas, while ceramic is best for medium traffic spaces. To stay within a tight budget, consider placing a ceramic tile on walls and porcelain tile on the floor.

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