Choosing between prefinished and site-finished hardwood flooring

Choosing between prefinished and site-finished hardwood flooring

As you try to choose between prefinished and site-finished hardwood flooring, you should know that selecting the perfect options can change everything about the outcome. Learning more about the characteristics of each product will help you make outstanding decisions for every room of your home.

The benefits of prefinished flooring

Prefinished hardwood floors are convenient and save lots of time during the installation service because it’s ready as soon as it’s delivered. Sanding, staining, and finishing are already finished for fewer disruptions to your daily life and schedule.

With these products, you won’t have to worry about dust control or strong stain and finish odors from your hardwood flooring installation. But best of all, it's incredibly durable, offering a surface finish that's harder and more resistant to scratches and wear than site-finished materials.

The benefits of site-finished flooring

With site-finished materials, you'll have limitless options for customizing the floors, with more stain colors and texture choices than prefinished products. Since all the final touches are added once the unfinished flooring is installed, the options for a final look are endless.

Refinishing these floors is easier since you won't have to worry about matching an existing finish. That means repairs are easier for wood flooring in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, especially after several years of heavy wear.

Here’s what to think about

If you’re still not sure about which options are best for your home, we can help. As you prepare to make your purchase, here are some considerations:

  1. Installation time: Prefinished wood provides a faster installation. Site-finished materials take longer because there are more steps involved in the process.
  2. Cost: Prefinished materials tend to cost more because they’re convenient and completely finished in the factory. Site-finished materials may cost less upfront, but you'll spend more on hardwood floors that need stain color, finish, and sanding.
  3. Customization: Site-finished hardwood flooring is always the best choice if you need a specific color or texture because you have more options.

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